A letter from the Board of Governors

Dear Fellow NROTC Alumni Shipmate,

The Naval ROTC Alumni Society exists to support the Ohio State Naval ROTC Battalion of Midshipman and to promote close relations among alumni, midshipmen, staff, potential recruits, community and the university.

The Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps has a rich history extending over 70 years on the Ohio State University campus. Hundreds of Naval, Marine, and community leaders have launched their careers through Ohio State NROTC.

Through a variety of events, media, and activities, the alumni society provides a way to share the rich naval traditions of the midshipmen at Ohio State, to stay abreast of what is new at the NROTC Unit, to honor and assist the midshipmen and alumni.

Through a variety of events such as the football reunion tailgates, the Flag Honor Hall of Fame, Midshipmen Seawolf Scholarships, support of various activities for the NROTC Battalion throughout the school year, it hopes to keep alive the Navy/Marine spirit at Ohio State.

Today’s NROTC midshipmen are training to lead our Navy and Marine Corps of the future, and they deserve the support of the university and the alumni. It is more important than ever that we continue to train strong leaders for the Fleet and the Corps.  By being a paid member of the NROTC Alumni Society and the Ohio State Alumni Association you can help this to happen.

Among the many ways you can help:
• Join the Ohio State Alumni Assoc and the NROTC Alumni Society. Your dues support programs.
• Contribute to the NROTC Alumni Society Seawolf Endowment Fund; a scholarship fund for non-scholarship midshipmen.
• Encourage a student to apply to Ohio State and NROTC.
• Nominate someone for the Flag Honor Hall of Fame.
• Serve on a committee.
• Serve on the Board of Directors.

“Wishing you fair winds and following seas.”

Ohio State NROTC Alumni Society Board of Governors

Note: “FHHOF” denotes NROTC Flag Honors Hall of Fame honoree

Randy Townsend ’78 CDR USNR (retired)
armand.r.townsend.civ@mail.mil Membership, Statistics
Vice President
Brian Ginnane ’93 CAPT USN (retired)
bjginnane@gmail.com Tailgate Chair
Brian Murray ’76 MAJ USMC (retired)
Darrell L. Dreher ’66 LT USN
ddreher@dltlaw.com FHHOF
David E. (Dave) Ozvat ’70
RDML Ohio Naval Militia (retired)
dozvat@gmail.com FHHOF
Gerard Thomas (Tom) Lennon, Jr. ’71
CAPT USN (retired)
gtlennonjr@aol.com FHHOF, Football Ticket Coordinator
David R. (Dave) Happ ’71 CDR USN (retired) davidrhapp@san.rr.com Website Manager, Membership Recognition
Keith Putnam ’71 CDR USN (retired) keithputnam48@gmail.com  
Henry Phillips ’71 LCDR USN (retired) henryphillips40@gmail.com  
Steve Drefahl ’74 CAPT USN (retired) stevedrefahl@gmail.com  
Paul Matthews ’76 MAJ USMC (retired) pmatthews@capital.edu  
Elizabeth Boardman ’77 CDR USN (retired) lifetimebuckeye@msn.com FHHOF, Facebook & Linked-In Coordinator
Frederick J. (Jack) Eckfeld   Board Member Emeritus
CAPT Mark McCulloch USN   Professor of Naval Science (PNS)
Julie Fridley   Alumni Association Representative