Strategic Plan

Master Strategic Plan


  1. We will be the gateway through which Alumni connect with The Ohio State, with each other, and serve the University.
    1:01 Publish Seawolf Newsletter that features Alumni news, lists e-mail addresses of members, prints Unit updates, and includes Association information.
    1:02. Promote increase use of our Website, co-developed by Midshipmen, and coordinate inter-web usage among the Unit and the Association’s Websites.
    1:03. Promote Association’s Alumni Day Fall Event, Alumni Learning/Educational Event celebrating Naval Science, and special events by means of the Seawolf Newsletter and special e-mail announcements.
    1:04. Hold annual football game tailgate gatherings with NROTC Unit involvement by means of e-mail announcements for Society Alumni.
    1:05. Provide opportunities for Society Alumni to purchase Association tickets to a variety of athletic and special events.


  1. We will cultivate student loyalty to the Alumni world by visibly contributing to their campus experiences.
    2:01. Encourage Society members to become active in partnering with Unit Midshipmen in their volunteer projects and to identify Alumni Association resources that will enhance their matriculation.
    2:02. Speak to incoming Midshipmen, their parents and families, during their Orientation program, about the Unit’s history, our communication programs with Unit Alumni, Seawolf Newsletter, the Flag Honors Display for past members, and our OSU Alumni Association activities.
    2:03. Participate in the effort to focus on Networking Alumni Events by publishing announcements in our Newsletters, e-mail, and by use of Unit information distribution sources.
    2:04. Coordinate with the PNS to identify Unit events for Society involvement.


  1. We will become the biggest dues-supported Alumni Association by demonstrating exceptional service and indispensable value.
    3:01. Present a congratulatory letter to commissioned/graduates urging them to continue membership involvement in the Society and the Alumni Association.
    3:02. Urge Society members by means of the Newsletter to identify other OSU graduates, encouraging them to become members of the Alumni Association.
    3:03. Renew and increase Society memberships and conduct campaigns to increase memberships in the Alumni Association.
    3:04. Seek suggestions for providing added services for members, when communicating by e-mail to announce upcoming special events.


  1. We will develop a virtual Alumni organization accessible to Alumni all the time.
    4:01. Complete linkage of Society’s Website to the Association’s Website.
    4:02. Explore the use of additional technology to link membership communication to our Website.
    4:03. Publish in Newsletter the names of Midshipmen receiving Engineering College grants from the LCDR Robert Friedman, USN, Scholarship Fund.
    4:04. Award grants and publicize in Newsletter the names of Midshipmen receiving grants from the Society’s Seawolf Scholarship Fund.
    4:05. Use creative technology such as Facebook to link Society and Association Alumni.
    4:06. Survey membership through Website, e-mail, and Facebook, to enhance Alumni experience and communications.


  1. We will give Alumni the tools to influence public opinion about The Ohio State University around the world.
    5:01. Participate in local middle/high school Career Day activities to encourage enrollment at the University and, possibly, the OSU NROTC program.
    5:02. Recognize and publicize achievements by “high profile” NROTC Alumni.
    5:03. Notify Society Alumni quarterly of significant University events.
    5:04. Invite participation by local Navy and Marine Corps Leagues in Society activities.
    5:05. Participate in annual on-campus Military Services commemorations.
    5:06. Enlarge the Society’s “nPod Bright Star” Program, funded by the Association, to enhance speaking and thinking skills of high school minority students.
    5:07. Interchange “nPod Bright Star” ideas with the Director of the Navy Diversity Program in the Navy Recruiting Command, highlighting assistance by the Unit.