Strategic Plan

Master Strategic Plan


1:00  We will be the gateway through which Alumni connect with The Ohio State University, with each other and serve the University.

1:01  Publish Seawolf Newsletter that features Alumni news, lists e-mail addresses of members, prints Unit updates and includes Association information

1:02   Promote increased use of our Website, co-developed by Midshipmen, and coordinate inter-web usage among the Unit and the Association’s Websites.

1:03  Promote Association’s Alumni Day Fall Event, Alumni Learning / Educational Event celebrating Naval Science, and special events by means of the Seawolf Newsletter and special e-mail announcements.

1:04  Hold annual football game tailgate gatherings with NROTC Unit involvement by means of e-mail announcements for Society Alumni.

1:05  Provide opportunities for Society Alumni to purchase Association tickets to a variety of athletic and special events.

2:00  We will cultivate student loyalty to the Alumni world by visibly contributing to their campus experiences.

2:01  Encourage Society members to become active in partnering with Unit Midshipmen in their volunteer projects and to identify Alumni Association resources that will enhance their matriculation.

2:02  Participate in the effort to focus on Networking Alumni Events by publishing announcements in our Newsletters, e-mail and by use of the Unit information distribution sources.

2:03  Coordinate with the PNS to identify Unit events for Society involvement.

3:00  We will become the biggest dues-supported Alumni Association by demonstrating exceptional service and indispensable value.

3:01  Present a congratulatory letter to commissioned / graduates urging them to continue membership involvement in the Society and the Alumni Association.

3:02  Urge Society members by means of the Newsletter to identify other OSU graduates, encouraging them to become members of the Alumni Association.

3:03  Renew and increase Society memberships and conduct campaigns to increase memberships in the Alumni Association.

3:04  Seeks suggestions for providing added services for members, when communicating by e-mail to announce upcoming special events.

4:00  We will develop a virtual Alumni organization accessible to Alumni all the time.

4:01  Complete linkage of Society’s Website to the Association’s Website.

4:02  Explore the use of additional technology to link membership communication to our Website.

4:03  Publish in Newsletter the names of Midshipmen receiving Engineering College grants from the LCDR Robert Friedman USN Scholarship Fund.

4:04  Award grants and publicize in Newsletter the names of Midshipmen receiving grants from the Society’s Seawolf Scholarship Fund.

4:05  Use creative technology such as Facebook to link Society and Association Alumni.

4:06  Survey membership through Website, e-mail and Facebook to enhance Alumni experience and communications.

5:00 We will give Alumni the tools to influence public opinion about The Ohio State University around the world.

5:01  Participate in local middle / high school Career Day activities to encourage enrollment at the University and, possibly, the OSU NROTC program.

5:02  Recognize and publicize achievements by “high profile” NROTC Alumni.

5:03  Notify Society Alumni of significant University events.

5:04  Invite participation by local Navy and Marine Corps Leagues in Society activities.

5:05:  Participate in annual on-campus Military Services commemorations.